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Elite Safety Companies, Inc. provides client-specific safety programs and training with on-site safety professionals, where applicable, to ensure the client meets and exceeds federal and state requirements.
An example of some of our services: 
  • •   Safety Manuals or Injury Illness Prevention Plans (IIPP) which are client-specific and not from a box.
  • •   Safety Surveys of the client's facility or job site to ensure federal and state compliance and to assist in the building of the safety programs.
  • •   Client-specific training on a variety of subjects for management and employees to assist in accident- free performance and federal and state compliance.
  • •   On-site safety professionals for construction and mine sites to ensure accident-free performance and to meet contractual obligations while protecting the client from possible citations by ensuring federal and state regulations are followed. 
According to the U.S. Department of Commerce the entire consulting category for the Reno/Sparks area reached $18.4 Million in 2011 and Elite Safety Companies, Inc. currently services the Western United States with nationwide interests. According to NBC News on Federal Codes Requirements, companies with less than 20 employees will spend $10,585.00 a year in safety training per employee. Companies with more than 20 employees will spend $7,755.00 a year in safety training per employee.
Many companies have one individual in charge of safety, but often this person has many other duties, leaving safety to suffer. Because there are no benefits costs for our services, Elite can provide safety programs and training for less than the wage of your company safety personnel.  We provide these same services, not just from one individual but from an entire team. We go to your site and train at times you determine will least affect production.
Many companies have been affected by economically tough times which generally force them to let their safety personnel go. This leaves them unprotected from federal and state citations. Elite Safety Companies, Inc. targets any and all companies who need assistance with safety issues whether contractually obligated or scrambling to comply with federal or state regulations after being caught. 
Target groups include: 
  • •   Construction
  • •   Mining
  • •   Manufacturing
  • •   Agriculture
  • •   Logging
  • •   Hospitality
  • •   Transportation
  • •   Medical
Elite Safety Companies, Inc. assists in keeping facilities and job sites accident-free and citation-free which builds your company profit margin. This is a measurable value sustainable over time.

Elite is built upon the foundation of integrity. This core value of integrity blended with service and performance in a customized consulting and training program, will give you a stronger and leaner safety program.

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