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First Aid Discount Supply Program

Elite Safety Companies, Inc. offers first aid kit supplies for companies within the hospitality industry. The program is offered in both a quarterly and annual program. We order first aid supplies and equipment direct from the manufacturer to ensure maximum shelf life without a retail mark-up. This allows us to keep the cost low and the quality high for our clients.
Elite will communicate with your company’s Safety Personnel and/or Management Team to assess your need for supplies. A First Aid Kit Reminder notice along with a customized Supply List will be sent to you quarterly so that you can check your first aid kits. You then send the completed list back to Elite, and your supplies will be shipped directly to your location. You don’t have to wait for the reminder notice to order supplies; you can order as often as needed.
Elite Safety Companies, Inc. can also provide new, fully stocked first aid kits, each designed for the area it services and meeting the OSHA/ANSI requirements. Elite also provides bloodborne pathogen kits, portable eye wash stations and other first aid solutions for your company.
You can choose to cover the cost of these services quarterly or annually. The annual program also includes an on-site visit to assess the first aid kit program and recommend any up-dates needed.
The cost for the quarter to quarter program would be $175.00 (plus cost of supplies and shipping).
The annual program costs $500.00 (plus cost of supplies and shipping) for an annual savings of $200.00.
Elite Safety Companies, Inc. is committed to the success of our clients and partners. Through the combination of our hands-on techniques and comprehensive experience, we are achieving our priority and goal which is your continued excellence.

Elite is built upon the foundation of integrity. This core value of integrity blended with service and performance in a customized consulting and training program, will give you a stronger and leaner safety program.

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