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Golf Courses and Country Clubs

All of the services are supported with proven up to date techniques, knowledge and comprehensive training, programs and procedures that meet or exceed City, County, State and Federal agency requirements.
Elite Safety Companies Inc. specializes in regulatory compliance, training, program development and implementation.

We provide customized support services in the following areas: 

  • •   Golf Cart Safety, Procedures and Training Programs 
  • •   Job Safety Analysis (JSA) 
  • •   Heat Illness Prevention Plan (HIPP, Development & Implementation) 
  • •   Safety Manuals (Review & Development) 
  • •   Injury Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP, Development & Implementation) 
  • •   Management Programs (Training & Support) 
  • •   Site Review (Safety, OSHA, WC, Health, Properly & Casualty) 
  • •   Slip, Trip & Fall Prevention 
  • •   Accident Investigation 
  • •   Emergency Evacuation Plans 
  • •   Bloodborne Pathogens (Sharps) 
  • •   Drug & Alcohol Policy 
  • •   Certified Food Protection Manager 
  • •   ServSafe Alcohol Facility 
  • •   Inspection Checklist Development 
  • •   Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) 
  • •   Workplace Harassment (Sexual, Age, Cultural, etc.) 
  • •   ADA Compliance 
  • •   Hazardous Communications (SDS) 
  • •   OSHA 300 logs 
  • •   Portable Fire Extinguisher Training 
  • •   Body Mechanic Techniques 
  • •   Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) 
  • •   Safety Committee 
  • •   Procedures Security Review 
  • •   First-Aid/CPR/AED 
  • •   Return to Work/Modified Duty Program 
  • •   Claims Injury Analysis
  • •   Equipment Training/Programs 
  • •   New Hire Programs 
  • •   Monthly Safety Topics Program 
  • •   Ergonomic Programs 
All of the services provided by Elite Safety Companies Inc. are backed with proven, up-to-date techniques, knowledge and comprehensive training seminars. Every program is designed to inform workers of the safest way to perform activities, thus preventing injuries and reoccurrence of unsafe practices. Our whole aim is to provide a safer culture. All of our services, whether it is an IIPP or HIPP program, Golf Cart Training or a Bloodborne Pathogens Procedure, are custom-built for your golf course.
(The programs will be maintained for 12 months from date of completion with no additional charges).

Elite is built upon the foundation of integrity. This core value of integrity blended with service and performance in a customized consulting and training program, will give you a stronger and leaner safety program.

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