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On-site Safety Professionals

By the hour, day, week, project or contract, our On-site Training Professionals will work for you. The benefits in using Elite Safety are simple; save time, save money and get customized, personalized instruction and advice for your needs.
Our On-site Safety Professional program will provide your company with a fully-certified on-site safety and training professional to cover all contractual, federal, state, county, and city requirements. By using this program you will improve your profit margin while still maintaining the highest level of health and safety. You can choose the plan that works best for your company, safety by the hour, day, week, project or contract.
Elite Safety Companies, Inc. will meet your contractual needs, saving you the time and expense of placing help wanted ads; interviewing candidates to hire; providing workers comp insurance, company vehicles, benefits, sick time or vacations. If the safety professional assigned to you needs time off for any reason, we will have another of our safety professionals on your site fulfilling your contract needs. One of the Elite Safety officers will visit your site bi-weekly to ensure there will be no complacency in your safety program. We provide on-site inspections backed by a report for your review at least bi-weekly.
With Elite Safety Companies Inc., you receive not just an on-site professional, with all the required SDS postings and safety manuals, but a team. With over 50 years’ worth of experience of proven methods, we will thoroughly train your workers on the safest way to perform activities and prevent injury. We also follow up accident investigations with further training to prevent reoccurrences. Our team has helped many companies reduce their workers comp claims by preventing accidents.
We have handled many workers comp claims and OSHA fines by getting them removed, or at the very least, reduced. Our many on-site safety inspections are identical to OSHA inspections which will prepare you for any that may happen. And when that inevitable government inspection does occur, we act as a liaison between your company and OSHA, alleviating the anxiety of knowing what to say and what to do to minimize exposure.
The benefits of having Elite Safety Companies Inc. as your safety professional is measurable in terms of adding profits to your company bottom line and making you more competitive in the bidding market.

Elite is built upon the foundation of integrity. This core value of integrity blended with service and performance in a customized consulting and training program, will give you a stronger and leaner safety program.

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