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Worker's Comp Guaranteed Reduction Program

Because employee injuries can significantly impact the entire organization, workplace safety is a major concern for employers and employees in all industries. The alarming cost associated with workplace injuries, including medical and rehabilitative expenses, lost productivity, personal injury lawsuits, OSHA violations, and the time required for accident investigation, provide companies with the incentive to identify ways to reduce these injuries. Traditionally, most company safety programs placed the responsibility on management to ensure safety in the workplace.  An alternative and progressive approach that Elite Safety Companies recently developed is a behavior-based program that creates a safety workplace culture.
Elite Safety Companies, Inc. proudly introduces the Worker’s Comp Guaranteed Reduction Program. This program is designed to reduce the frequency of your worker’s comp claims by 50% within twelve months. As a result, the program will reduce occupational injuries, improve morale, reduce medical cost, raises your company’s cost-effectiveness (improve the bottom line) and will make your business more marketable when the time comes to renew worker’s comp Insurance. 
Behavior-Based Safety refers to programs that use positive reinforcement, provide on-going support, in the form of continuing education in regards to risk control, loss control, surveys and hands on support throughout the entire process. All educational materials and programs are available in English and Spanish. Our on-site safety professionals engage with the employees and help them invest in their own safety, both on and off the job. This program will not just provide basic training, but affect a change in the safety culture throughout your business preventing work related injuries and illnesses. By implementing a Behavior-Based Program, your organization can directly involve employees in injury prevention and encourage them to assume more responsibility for workplace safety. Not only will this program reduce the frequency of injuries and claims, but it also increases employee awareness reducing the likelihood of a catastrophic claim. Elite Safety Companies Inc. will work with your management team to build a safer work environment. The success of this program, to a degree, is reliant on the level of commitment Elite Safety Companies Inc. receives from the management team. Through a management, employee team effort we will achieve the goal.
Elite Safety Companies, Inc. is committed to the success of our clients and partners. Through the combination of our hands-on techniques and comprehensive experience, we are achieving our goal- your continued excellence.
The cost of the program $15,000.00 over one year; $7,500.00 in advance and $7500.00 at the end of 12 months. However, if Elite Safety Companies Inc. doesn’t reduce your worker’s comp claims by 50% we will void the additional $7,500.00.

Elite is built upon the foundation of integrity. This core value of integrity blended with service and performance in a customized consulting and training program, will give you a stronger and leaner safety program.

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